Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tourist Spots in Albay


The Beauty Of Albay

Mayon Volcano
Mayon Volcano, also known as Mount Mayon, is an active stratovolcano in the province of Albay, in the Bicol Region, on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines. Renowned as the "perfect cone" because of its almost symmetrically conical shape, Mayon forms the northern boundary of Legazpi City. Local folklore refers to the volcano as Bulkang Magayon (Bikol: 'Beautiful Volcano'), after the legendary heroine Daragang Magayon (Bikol: 'Beautiful Lady'). Mayon Volcano is the main landmark of Albay Province, Philippines. It is 10 kilometres (6 mi) from the Gulf of Albay in the cities and municipalities of Legazpi City, Daraga, Camalig, Guinobatan, Ligao City, Tabaco City, Malilipot, and Santo Domingo (clockwise from Legazpi). It rises 2462 m (8,077 ft) above the gulf. Mayon Volcano is the Philippines' most active volcano and is considered to be the world's most perfectly formed volcano for its symmetrical cone.

Ligñon Hill
The way to Ligñon Hill is very steep, so if you are a newbie driver, you have to be extra careful. The crew even told us that there was a van who fell while going down because they change gear? eh, is it true? dunno lang or they are just scaring us to walk our way up? :)

Embarcadero de Legazpi

 This season, unwind, relax and enjoy at the Embarcadero de Legazpi, the City’s premier entertainment and shopping destination.Exciting events are lined up for non-stop fun and celebration!
 The Embarcadero will offer a mix of retail, restaurants, markets, and shops. There will also be a civic space and an imposing 30-meter tall lighthouse that could become one of the iconic symbols of Legazpi. Aside from the 12,000 square meter commercial area, there will also be a future 14,500 square meter waterfront hotel, spa and convention center and a 15,477 square meter Information Technology (IT) Park, envisioned to provide thousands of BPO jobs for Bicolanos.

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